Roane Youth Academy celebrated Cinco de Mayo by decorating the gymnasium, and had a wiffle ball tournament. Prior to the pitcher throwing the ball, the teachers asked the batters questions about Cinco de Mayo. The pitcher could not throw the ball until the batter got the question right. Like baseball, three wrong questions counted as a strike. If the batter answered the question correctly, he could swing at the pitch. This was a fun way to educate and exercise while having fun!

With two different ways to strike out, the game became more challenging and taught the youth to think outside the box. They came together as a team, and huddled up when questions were asked. The youth showed impressive skills not only physically, but they showed great teamwork and stumped everyone with their knowledge about Cinco de Mayo!

Since Cinco de Mayo did fall on a Tuesday, we celebrated Taco Tuesday! The tables were piled high with everything needed to make any type of taco, and every topping you could think of. There were nachos, quesadillas, and fajitas too. The kitchen staff even made homemade restaurant style salsas, and different types of queso dip, which seemed to be everyone’s favorite!

Even though the tournament had to be moved inside due to weather, the staff and youth really enjoyed the day.

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