Due to restricted movement within the program, all youth in the “Impact of Crime” participated in a poster contest. The youth were asked to create an image of something that they have learned while participating in the program. 

The youth wanted to represent a few different topics that were close to their hearts. One youth created a poster on the impact of dating violence. A couple youth chose drinking and driving and its impact. Another youth chose the impacts of burglary, one chose a public figure who was a previous gang member who changed his direction in life, only to be murdered by another gang member. Lastly, a youth chose a mixture of topics that had an impact on him. This activity gave the youth an opportunity to create a story of what the Impact of Crime group has taught them so far, as well as the opportunity to express themselves artistically. Participation was at an all time high, and each youth enjoyed seeing each other’s work as well.

Redwood Youth Academy serves 24 males between the ages of 12 and 19 in a non- secure residential program which provides sex offender treatment, to include individual family and group therapy services. Services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Contact Redwood Youth Academy at 386-431-1997 or visit youthopportunity.com/locations/redwood-academy