This month has been filled with many activities! We have enjoyed bowling, sledding, archery, and more! 

We celebrated National Gumdrop Day, the group built igloos from gumdrops!

Valentines day was celebrated as a group at the skating rink. The girls exchanged valentines and had many treats. They also prepared valentines to share with family, friends, workers, and mentors on Family Day, which was celebrated on February 20th! For Family Day we enjoyed pizza, exchanging valentines, and making crafts together! To end the day, s’mores were made and enjoyed over the fire outside while playing in the snow! The youth had a wonderful time!

Pathway Youth Center is a 15-bed residential all girls home for low to medium risk girls ages 10 to 17.  The program emphasizes a focus on advocating, restoring and enhancing strong and healthy family relationships, developing self confidence and self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, and increasing the girls’ resiliency and decreasing risks of further or deeper challenges. Contact Pathway Youth Center at 231-734-3787 or visit