Our diversity project this month was to celebrate our freedoms. We discussed some of the people that fought for many of our freedoms that we have. Many of the residents had different thoughts of what freedom means to them. Some of the residents talked about the freedom to vote, and freedom of speech. Others stated that they were thankful for the right of equality, and to be able to attend certain schools.

This month we also celebrated Rebecca Marheime as our employee of the month, as well as Youth EB as our resident of the month!

Pathway Youth Center is a 15-bed residential all girls home for low to medium risk girls ages 10 to 17.  The program emphasizes a focus on advocating, restoring and enhancing strong and healthy family relationships, developing self confidence and self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, and increasing the girls’ resiliency and decreasing risks of further or deeper challenges. Contact Pathway Youth Center at 231-734-3787 or visit youthopportunity.com/locations/pathway-of-hope