Welcome Arkansas!

With unmatched passion for creating superior environments for the treatment of atrisk youth, Youth Opportunity was awarded a contract to manage four of five state juvenile facilities in the state of Arkansas. The contract was awarded on May 17, with an effective [...]

The Promise of Spring

It is often pondered what the seasons bring and the meaning behind each season? When the month of March arrives and that day when the sun feels like summer and the shade feels like winter that feeling of a new beginning and [...]

It Takes A Team

At-risk and traumatized youth present with symptoms that get in the way of their success in their families, schools, and communities. These young people benefit from a variety of treatments with many professionals and family members contributing to their health and well-being. [...]

Transition Management: Texas

Youth Opportunity, a Carmel, Indiana-based owner and manager of nationally recognized clinical and educational rehabilitation campuses for adolescents, announced today that they have finalized their purchase of the Rockdale Regional Juvenile Justice Center, Rockdale, Texas. The acquisition was effective January 15, 2018. [...]


Ron Hunter Discusses Youth Opportunity

Ron Hunter Discusses Youth Opportunity

Ronald D. Hunter, CEO of Youth Opportunity, discusses his personal journey, working with young people, and the mission of Youth Opportunity.

Dr. Erbland and Mr. Woods – Treating the Whole Child

Dr. Erbland and Mr. Woods, founders of the Center for Success and Independence, Houston, discuss the importance of treating the whole child.

Dr. Erbland – The Rewards of Our Work

Dr. Erbland discusses a difficult patient, and the gratifying work of treating at-risk and traumatized young people.

Mr. Woods – The Personal Approach to Treatment

Mr. Woods discusses the importance of treating at-risk and traumatized young people like individuals and creating a safe emotional environment for their treatment.

Lauren’s Story

Lauren discusses her journey to recovery from addiction and behavioral problems, along with her mother Mary, and therapist Ashley Davis. Lauren was treated at the Center for Success and Independence, Houston, Texas, a Youth Opportunity campus.