May was a great month of growth for our residents! Several of the senior residents have truly stepped up to lead and support peers with their struggles. This has resulted in a feeling of togetherness. New Hope has adjusted well to the current changes caused by COVID-19, and everyone has remained healthy so far. On the very warm days, the youth have enjoyed the slip-n-slide and water gun fights. We look forward to the summer and continuing to work and play together.

The youth took part in a Memorial Day project at a local cemetery where they honored our fallen veterans by placing American Flags on the grave sites. We appreciated the thoughtfulness and remembrance that the youth exhibited.

New Hope Youth Center is a 15-bed residential Mental Health/Behavioral Stabilization program. The type of children benefiting from New Hope Youth Center are 10-17-year-old females needing out-of-home residential placement in an open setting. Contact New Hope Youth Center at 989-775-6212.