Mansfield Youth Academy

Mansfield Youth Academy serves fifty-eight (58) boys ages thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) in a hardware-secure setting. The program specializes in serving youth with moderate- to high-risk aggression, flight risk, behavioral issues, and gang involvement.. This culture is focused on grounding a foundation for our youth to develop mature decision-making skills, while establishing a mechanism for employability and career goals. Services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Program services include 58 slots for male youth in a hardware-secure, fenced residential setting. The program will emphasize treatment for behavioral issues, substance abuse, and moderate aggression. The campus includes 11 buildings, including an administration building (administration, human resources, staff offices); 6 living unit “bungalows” (up to 9-10 youth each, large day rooms); “Commons Building” (education, nutrition, and visitation center); multi-purpose cafeteria/gymnasium; vocational building; facility warehouse.

This culture is focused on promoting a healthy environment to nurture the physical, emotional, and social development of our young men. 

Mansfield Youth Academy provides behavioral health services, psycho-educational groups, anger management, victim awareness, social skills, moral development, and gang intervention. The program also provides individualized mental health and substance abuse services in a trauma-focused, restraint-free environment for the youth. 

The anticipated average length of stay is 6-9 months, yet depends on the youth’s pace of success in completing the individualized treatment plan and goals. The program’ goal is to equip youth for successful reintegration into the community to live productive, prosocial, and crime-free lives.

Mansfield Youth Academy provides clinical/treatment services including Aggression Replacement Training, the 7 Challenges (substance abuse), Trauma Focused CBT (TF-CBT), Moral Reconnation Therapy, Young Men’s Work, and Impact of Crime (a restorative justice, victim impact curriculum). Additionally, individual and family counseling is provided to all youth. Medical/health services are provided by on-site contracted nursing as well as a contracted physician and psychiatrist. 

Individuals are provided breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks daily, which are managed by a licensed dietician, with special medical diets and religious diets provided as needed. Youth receive weekly and monthly incentive activities and access to a point store (obtain items based on points earned throughout each day). Input into incentives is provided by the Youth Advisory Board. The facility maintains a 1:8 ratio of staff to youth during the day and evening and a 1:12 asleep ratio. A staff to youth ratio of 1:5 is required for off-site activities.

Mansfield Youth Academy contracts with Ombudsman Educational Services (OES) to provide education to students. Curricula are provided in a blended model using in-person instruction and instruction via Virtual Arkansas. Vocational opportunities include ServSafe, the National Professional Certification in Customer Service credential (NRF), certified Microsoft Office Specialist, and CPR. 

Mansfield Youth Academy will maintain CARF and ACA Accreditation

Youth served have been adjudicated delinquent by the Court and committed to the Arkansas Division of Youth Services. The program is contracted through the AR DYS; no additional fees are required from youth/families or insurance providers.

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