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Evart Youth Center is a 98-bed residential treatment campus, inclusive of both non-secure and secure programs. The program serves both male and female youth ages 10 to 17 years old. The center provides a vast array of specialized programming, based on assessed risk and needs. Services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week, focusing on strength-based and trauma-informed care.

Program services include 98 slots across the following specialized program types: assessment program, substance abuse treatment, anger management, secure residential general treatment, non-secure residential general treatment, and sexual offending/sexually reacting treatment.

The goal of Evart Youth Center is to provide intervention services to at-risk youth by using a behavior modification approach. Evart Youth Center provides specialized treatment programs. Evart Youth Center uses a behavior management approach to help guide and modify each at-risk youth’s behavior, whether they suffer from anger management issues or are battling an addiction. Our caring team will go to great lengths, no matter how long it takes, to ensure each child or teenager in our care can overcome his or her fears, become a stronger individual, and improve their behavior to themselves and others. The program aims to equip youth for successful reintegration into the community to live productive, prosocial, and crime-free lives within a permanent placement.

All youth in treatment see a therapist for at least 1 hour per week, along with participation in group therapy. Each child or teen is assigned to a case manager who oversees their treatment. All programs can be in either the secure or non-secure setting, depending on each boy or girl. Family participation is encouraged with family sessions held during the youth’s placement.

45-Day Assessment Program: helps placing agencies to figure out where and what is needed to help the youth in their treatment. Youth receive psychological testing.

90-Day Substance Abuse Treatment: Youth are placed in either a secure or non-secure setting where they work on their substance abuse issues. Services include a 12-step Hazelden program.

Anger Management: Youth work with a therapist to learn why they are angry, what triggers them and how to cope and refocus.

Secure Residential General Treatment: Youth are seen by a therapist to work on the issues that are causing them to act out while in a secure setting. Each youth will have the opportunity to step down into a less restrictive setting once they are showing improvement and with the placing agency’s agreement.

Non-Secure Residential General Treatment: Youth who are in need of a treatment program but not a secure setting can be placed in our non-secure programs. Youth in this setting are placed in a less restrictive setting with more freedom.

Youth Sexually Offending/Youth Sexually Reacting Program: For young people who have sexually offended or reacted, the specialized treatment unit length of stay is 1-3 years, where the youth work with a treatment team of certified specialists in the sexually offending area. The Pathways curriculum, as well as Good Lives Model is used to help the youth through his/her path to understanding the issues that face them Medical/health services are provided by on-site nursing as well as a contracted physician and psychiatrist.

Individuals are provided breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks daily, which are managed by a licensed dietitian, with special medical diets and religious diets provided as needed. Youth receive incentive activities and access to a “point store” (points earned for positive behavior and adherence to expectations). Input on incentives is provided by the Youth Advisory Board.

The education department of Evart Youth Center is conducted and operated by the Mecosta/Osceola Intermediate School District (MOISD). The MOISD employs special education certified teachers along with support staff, to ensure that youth at Evart Youth Center receive the proper education while placed in our care. Online classes are available for credit recovery for youth who are in need of credits. Youth can earn their high school education or complete their GED or equivalent while in placement.

Evart AcademyCARF accreditation anticipated Spring 2020

At-risk boys and girls are accepted by referral from the Department of Human Services, county courts, private placement and adoption subsidy.

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