The youth at Davidson County Juvenile Center participated in a facility wide dorm decorating contest. They had to use their creativity as they were given an equal number of items to decorate with. Each dorm had different themes that ranged from winter wonderlands to gingerbread houses. Although there was only one winner, the youth had a blast decorating their dorms as well as being able to judge staff door decorations!

The Davidson County Juvenile Center (DCJC) is a 40-bed juvenile center for boys and girls, up to age 18, that also serves as the intake and assessment center for all youth taken into custody in the Nashville Metropolitan area. DCJC performs the intake assessment and placement services for the 400+ youth taken into custody each month. DCJC also accepts placement of all youthful offenders being held pending adjudication of their adult charges. Services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Contact Davidson County Juvenile Center at 615-862-8066 or visit