It’s that time again here at Crestview Youth Academy. We have another high school graduate! Congratulations, Mr. Bryson! Education is a very important part of success at our program and our youth work hard to achieve their educational goals. We look forward to seeing their growth here and being a part of their achievements that will positively affect their life while in and after the program. This youth decided to positively change his behaviors and become a mentor on the mod and be an inspiration to other youth who are working towards being where he is – a high school graduate! He has aspirations to go to college and play football as well as earn his degree in business. We are very proud of all of his achievements here at Crestview Youth Academy! 

The Crestview Youth Academy serves 30 males between the ages of 13 and 21 in a secure residential program which provides substance abuse treatment services, co-located with a non-secure residential commitment program serving 24 males, ages 13-18, providing services for boys who meet criteria for borderline developmental disability (BDD) services or Developmental Disability (DD) services. BDD youth typically have a full-scale IQ 70-79, while DD youth IQ 69 and under, where the youth’s IQ and functional limitations have been documented by a formal psychological evaluation completed within the last twelve months. Services are provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Contact Crestview Youth Academy at 850-683-3908 or visit