Redwood Youth Academy in August 2020

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Redwood Youth Academy celebrated their one year anniversary as part of the Youth Opportunity family. The staff celebrated with a catered spread of fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and ice-cold beverages. Youth KJ became the first graduate of Redwood Youth Academy and received his high school diploma. Youth KJ adapted to the school program and [...]

Redwood Youth Academy in July 2020

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Due to restricted movement within the program, all youth in the "Impact of Crime" participated in a poster contest. The youth were asked to create an image of something that they have learned while participating in the program.  The youth wanted to represent a few different topics that were close to their hearts. One youth created [...]

Redwood Youth Academy in June 2020

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The administration team at Redwood Youth Academy coordinated a week of fun activities for the staff. The week consisted of different themed days to include: Farmers Day, Team Spirit Day, Camo Day, 80’s Day, and Celebrity Lookalike Day. Not only did the staff dress up, but they enjoyed catered meals and music to match the different [...]

Redwood Youth Academy in May 2020

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The youth at Redwood Youth Academy competed in an academic competition known as the Brain Bowl. The youth were divided into groups of 5 and were responsible for coming up with a team name. Each team then picked a captain and a co-captain that were in charge of answering questions presented to the group by a [...]

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