Where does one begin to express the gratitude of a company that is so humbled by the undying commitment and perseverance from over 1,000 of its employees? During the past few months, Youth Opportunity has witnessed its employees step up to face a unique, devastating virus that has negatively impacted our entire country. In the face of uncertainty, our people have faced this adversity in champion fashion. 

Personally, I am honored to be a part of an organization that has it’s heart in the right place when dealt such an unexpected challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth Opportunity is made up of heroes, dedicated individuals who have put aside their physical and psychological well-being to make sure the youth we serve receive the best possible care. 

What have we learned? I believe we have learned that life is fragile, and many things in life are beautiful and should not be taken for granted. I also have a newfound respect for front line individuals in critical fields like social services and healthcare serving as emergency medical personnel, police, and fire rescue. 

Overall, we are a great nation building a brighter future for all who are willing to sacrifice just a little to gain a lot.