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Mt. Juliet Youth Academy in January 2021

By |2021-05-17T11:54:46-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Mt. Juliet Youth Academy|

This month Mount Juliet Academy has been very busy. We celebrated Martin Luther King day by having a lunch and watching Dr. King's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. The youth also began a new independent living program Mount Juliet Academy has started: Journey to Independence. This program will walk the 16 and 17 year olds [...]

Memphis Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T11:08:53-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Memphis Youth Academy|

We have been celebrating Black History Month with various campus wide activities. The month began with Ms. Mullen bringing some youth up to the conference room to eat a meal together. This was a reward for youth that have gone from having some serious incidents down to zero within a month. On February 10th, Memphis Youth [...]

Lebanon Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T11:07:34-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Lebanon Youth Academy|

The boys celebrated Black History by studying trailblazers such as Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks, and athletes such as Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. The boys also did a deeper dive into Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and learned that the holiday declared in honor of his birthday actually began as a "day of service" and [...]

Kissimmee Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T11:05:49-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Kissimmee Youth Academy|

Our youth took part in a group session with Young Life Urban, a faith-based group, centered around Entrepreneurship. Ms. Michelle Hamilton provided entrepreneurs (Willy Francios aka Master Barber, Wade Dallas from Auto Mechanic shop, and George Louis-Jean Fitness Guru) to minister youth regarding job based skills and walking with Christ.  In addition, youth received an introduction [...]

Evart Youth Center in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T11:01:51-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Evart Youth Academy|

This month we enjoyed the cold and snowy weather northern Michigan has to offer! During our most recent snow day youth and staff found themselves enjoying the day out in the cold! For many of our out of state youth this was the first time they had the opportunity to enjoy winter sledding. It is great [...]

Elizabethton Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T10:58:26-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Elizabethton Youth Academy|

February was a busy month at Elizabethton Academy. First, we had a Valentine's Day party! Some of our mentors and parents were able to attend the party! In TOPS we made more blankets for the animals at the Johnson City Animal Shelter. We were able to schedule a visit to donate them ourselves and we were [...]

Crestview Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T10:56:26-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Crestview Youth Academy|

Crestview Youth Academy has had a busy month this month! We started with a Super Bowl watch party on February 7th! Staff and youth were able to watch the game together while enjoying some delicious food! Everyone had a great time cheering on their team!  Also this month, our youth supported our local community clothing swap [...]

Cleveland Youth Academy in February 2021

By |2021-05-17T10:42:22-06:00May 17th, 2021|Categories: Cleveland Youth Academy|

February has been a great month here at Cleveland Youth Academy! The girls had a fun dance fest with Mama Rita, among various other activities!  We are working on teaching the girls how to interview for a job and how to present themselves in the workplace. The youth are also working on respecting themselves, and defining [...]

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