Youth Opportunity

National Team

Ronald D. Hunter

  Dan Zachary, CPA

  Chief Financial Officer

  Jim Hill

   Brian Neupaver

 Senior Vice President

Robert Woods

 Corporate Director

National Clinical Directors

Corporate Response Team

Professional Advisors

Dawn Kruithoff LLC, LLP

Chief Executive Officer

Marylou Erbland, PhD

Dennis Chitwood

 Director and Clinical
Director and Clinical 

Clinical Supervisor


Corporate Controller

       Marketing &
Development Director

     Florida Director

Melissa McBride

Sharon Dearman

Joseph Nixon   

Kristina O'Neil

Lisa Dillon

Executive Coordinator

  • Gary Sallee - Of Counsel
  • Tricia McGillis, P.A. -C, Medical Director, Michigan - Muskegon River Youth Home
  • Jan Mayer, MD, Medical Director, Tennessee - Davidson County Detention 
  • Jared Prentiss, Behavioral Health Consultant, Tennessee - Davidson County Detention
  • Dustin Ly, MD, Medical Director, Florida - Kissimmee Youth Academy
  • Manuel Pedrosa, MD, Medical Director, Florida - Broward Youth Treatment Center

Dallas Scott

Vice President
Compliance,  Fidelity & 
Vice President of Programs

Steven B. Reed

Chief Operating Officer