Alternatives to the Deep End of Corrections 

Research tells us (and common sense allows us to know) that by applying front end diversion programs and support services, the risk for youth entering juvenile justice and child welfare systems is significantly mitigated. Despite that, we also know that thousands of our youth in this country experience gaps in basic needs when it comes to education, family stability, and emotional fulfillment.  Most of the youth that come to be in our care have already experienced trauma, hardship, abuse, neglect, lack of parental supervision, lack of educational achievement, lack of love.  The people in their lives, in many ways, have already failed them, so ongoing failure when it comes to the system in which they have come to be involved with, and the system that will react to their needs moving forward, is not an acceptable solution.  When a youth comes to a YOI facility, that is our chance to do everything in our power to prevent them from ending up deeper into the system, and further away from their dreams and OPPORTUNITIES.  

Purposeful Commitments When Needed

As a country, we have begun to use correctional and detention oriented facilities as an option less and less over the last decade.  As we continue to shift our emphasis on treatment, rehabilitation, and longer-term problem solving, we must also evaluate our approach systemically. Unfortunately, there are times in the most serious of cases when detention and correctional facilities must still be utilized to preserve public safety, and perhaps residential facilities, community based monitoring, or in-home supervision will not be sufficient.  In most cases, even when youth dispositions result in non-secure placement or community-based alternatives, the youth will have spent at least some amount of time in a detention facility before disposition. 

Regardless of a youth's path to a facility commitment, and regardless of the type of facility in which they will ultimately stay, we have a duty to ensure their individual needs are fully evaluated, and programming to support those needs is delivered in a safe, secure, and trauma-free environment. Youth must also be actively engaged in their personal experience: we share in this chance to make things different for them. 

YOI and our affiliate companies have deep experience in managing and operating behavioral health centers, residential treatment centers, detention facilities, and open residential facilities. Through ownership, management agreements, and operating contracts, we ensure that every youth in our care at every type of facility is exposed to meaningful programming toward the goal of the greatest outcomes achievable. We provide more than "basic care and custody".  We strive to provide them with OPPORTUNITY.

Right Youth, Right Place, Right Reasons

With a process in place for understanding where a child has been, is now, and is going, only then can we begin to improve choices and behaviors, reduce recidivism, and impact long term positive outcomes.  YOI is focused on providing individualized treatment and case management that most effectively utilizes resources and interventions that are identified as most appropriate for each youth.  No child is the same or has had the exact same experiences in their young lives; no one size fits all. Our time and effort on understanding the needs of each youth is an investment in understanding how we can best serve him or her with the right programming, at the right time for them, in the right amount, and in the right place. 


Every day the system has children in custody who belong elsewhere, or need the right services to bring value to their time in the facility. Every day we work to ensure that our response to their needs gets better, and achieves the results they deserve.

Advocate for Youth in our Care

We believe it is time to protect and advance the rights, hopes and dreams of youth in our care. Youth with an advocate have hope that a better future lies ahead.  It is no longer enough for our society and those responsible for committed youth to allow them to simply languish while in custody.  It is our job to ensure while in our care, we do everything possible to make their time in a facility valuable, meaningful, and life changing. 


Youth Opportunity Investments is committed to providing high quality, evidence based, and clinically based individualized programming for youth entrusted to our care in behavioral health, residential, and secure detention centers. By using research based programming and providing quality education, our team is dedicated to applying effective solutions to avoid unnecessary "deep end" consequences for children and families involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. 

For decades, our team has focused on providing high quality and meaningful programming, and providing engaging and therapeutic environments for youth to thrive. We are also actively engaged in the national discussion and efforts targeting systemic changes that can bring about the necessary shift to rehabilitation and long term positive outcomes for youth, to include improvements in conditions of confinement, reduction of the use of isolation, and effective verbal de-escalation techniques for staff when youth are in distress.

As leaders in best practice delivery of youth services, we will always rely on continual process improvement to make our programs even better, knowing that when it comes to our youth, we can never be good enough.

Our VISION is for YOI and its affiliated companies, facilities, and partners to lead the nation in setting best practices in juvenile residential and detention care for youth engaged in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.