Kissimmee Youth Academy:  Changing the lives of at risk youth, assisting in recognizing their true potential and empowering them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

“Kissimmee Youth Academy grants the opportunity for professional development while fostering a sense of community and family. It is an honor to be surrounded by a team committed to positively impacting the lives of our clients.” CJ


  • Medical staff includes: three (3) RNs, one (1) contracted Medical Doctor and a contracted Psychiatrist.
  • Medical Department operates 7 days a week. The medical staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Upon arrival, all youth are screened by the medical staff for medical and dental problems. Osceola Regional Medical Center is used for all off-site medical treatment at Kissimmee Youth Academy.


  • Facility Administrator oversees all programs at the facility.
  • Education Department is staffed by a Principal, a Lead Teacher, four (4) full-time Regular Education Teachers, three (3) Teacher’s Aides and a Guidance Counselor.
  • Education Department is operated by the Osceola County School Board.
  • All youth enrolled in school attend school for 300 minutes a day. All grades are transferable to their home schools.
  • Youth have the option to complete school while in the program.
  • General Educational Development (GED) test preparation courses are also available.
  • Case-Management Department is staffed by four (4) full-time Case Managers and two (2) Transitional Case Managers five (5) days per week.  
  • Youth attend a Formal Treatment Team meeting at least once a month and an Informal Meeting once a month to discuss their progress and goals in which the youth, parent, Juvenile Probation Officer, Case Manager, Therapist, Nurse, Clinical Director and Support Staff are present.
  • A Behavior Management System is utilized to modify behavior.
  • Facility is required to maintain a 1:8 ratio of staff to youth for the MHOS and SAOS youth and 1:6 for the BDD/DD youth.  The ratio is 1:10 during third shift. 
  • Facility employs 40 (forty) Direct Care staff, two (2) Unit Managers, six (6) Shift Supervisors, four (4) full-time Case Managers, four (4) Master Control Technicians, one (1) Clinical Director, one (1) Assistant Clinical Director, five (5) Masters-level Therapists and one (1) Recreational Therapist.

Living Areas

  • Facility has two (2) multi-purpose areas that are utilized activities meetings, recreational purposes.
  • Youth are provided with three (3) meals per day and a snack.
  • Various special diets are provided as necessary.
  • Youth earn the right to enjoy activities in a game room which they helped to create. 
  • Youth are separated by individual units with are limited to sixteen (16) youth on a unit at one time. 

“Happiness is working with children.” DB

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.”

Kissimmee Youth Academy has zero tolerance for any acts of sexual abuse, assault, misconduct, or harassment. Sexual activity between staff and juveniles, volunteers or contract personnel and juveniles, and juvenile and juvenile, regardless of consensual status, is prohibited and subject to administrative and criminal disciplinary sanctions.


To access the Facility’s Annual Report please click on the following link

Location of the Facility

  • Facility is located at 2330 New Beginnings Rd, Kissimmee, Florida 34744.
  • Facility opened at its current location in 2000.
  • Facility is operated by Youth Opportunity Investments.


Contact the Facility

  • Facility contact is 407-350-4900; fax 407-201-2561.

“My greatest masterpiece is helping to mold children to believe in themselves.” CG

Sumpter James
Program Director

Facility Size and Make-Up

  • Rated capacity is 100 beds, contracted for 62 youth males.
  • Make-up of the beds is as follows: 15 Mental Health Overlay Services (MHOS); 15 Substance Abuse Overlay Services (SAOS) and 32 Borderline Developmentally Delayed (BDD)/Developmentally Delayed (DD) youth.
  • Secure Residential facility is 37,676 square feet.


  • Average length of stay is 9-12 months.
  • Each youth receives an intake call to the parent/guardian.
  • During the first 24 hours, a thorough intake is completed which the youth is seen by a Registered Nurse, Case Manager, Licensed Mental Health Professional, a Living Unit Representative and the Facility Administrator and/or Assistant Facility Administrator.
  • Intake process covers a myriad of topics but notably the youth’s rights, grievance process, review of the youth handbook and developing a Safety Plan.
  • Additionally, as a part of the intake process, youth participates in a classification meeting with the aforementioned staff as well as the youth’s parent.  During this time, all pertinent alerts (medical, mental health, safety and security) are addressed to determine appropriate placement on the units.