• Approximately 400 juveniles are booked at the facility monthly. Of those, approximately 130 are detained.
  • The average length of stay is 3-5 days.
  • Juveniles who have been committed to the adult system remain at Davidson Detention Center until eighteen (18) years of age.
  • All youth detained are given an opportunity to make telephone calls.
  • During the first 24 hours the youth is seen by a Nurse, Case Manager, Teacher’s Aid and the Facility Chaplain. Contracted Mental Health staff are available in the event of a Mental Health Crisis. The identified Mental Health personnel is on call 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week in the event of a Mental Health Emergency.




  • Medical staff includes Physician, contract Licensed Clinical Counselor, contract Psychiatrist, Nursing Supervisor, RNs and LPNs.
  • Medical Department is open sixteen (16) hours per day, seven (7) days per week.
  • Upon arrival, all detainable juveniles are screened by the medical staff for medical and dental problems. Detainees who will remain for a longer period of time will be given a physical exam within the first fourteen (14) days of detention.
  • Nashville General Hospital is used for emergency hospital services. Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center is used for dental services. Lentz Health is used for treating STDs.


“We provide hope to the youth of Nashville. You never know how much of an impact you can have on someone’s life.” Ms. L.



  • Facility Director oversees all programs at the facility. The facility has a vast array of programs that are broken down into three (3) categories: Education, Case Management and Religious Services.
  • Facility has a full-time Chaplain who is assigned to the facility by one of the local churches.
  • Education Department is staffed by a Principal, three (3) full-time regular education teachers, one (1) full-time special education teacher and two (2) teacher’s aides. One (1) of the three (3) regular teachers also serves as the facility’s recreation specialist.
  • Individuals attend school the same number of hours as regular Metro Nashville Schools, (six (6) hours per day). All grades received in detention are transferable to Metro Nashville Schools. GED preparation courses are also available. The Detention Center School is an approved school through the Tennessee State Board of Education.
  • Case-Management Department is staffed by two (2) full-time case-managers seven (7) days per week.
  • Facility has one (1) facility accreditation coordinator who reports directly to the Facility Administrator.
  • Program staff conducts bi-weekly long-term assessment meetings for individuals who have been housed at the facility for ten (10) days or more.
  • A Behavioral Point System is utilized to modify behavior.
  • Facility is required by contract to maintain a 1:8 ratio of staff to individuals, on first and second shift and a 1:16 ratio on third shift. The facility has 79 direct care staff and 29 support staff.


Living Areas

  • Facility has four (4) living areas.
  • Individuals are provided with three (3) hot meals per day and are given a snack at night.
  • Special and religious diets are provided as necessary.

“We may be the only positive people these children come into contact with. Working here gives me the opportunity to give back to my community.” Mr. A.
“The moment we see the child and not the charge is the moment we have aligned ourselves with the vision. Only then is making a difference possible.” Ms. B.

“I have been working in the field for 40 years and I believe that if I can reach one child, then I have succeeded.” Nurse A.

Davidson County (TN) Juvenile Detention Center:  Promoting the positive potential of all youth, restoring hope through the provision of innovative quality programming, engaging families and community, and leading the way to future success.

“If you open a school door, you close a prison door.” Ms. B.

Location of the Facility

  • Facility is located at 100 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN.
  • Facility opened at its current location in 1994.
  • Facility is operated by Youth Opportunity Investments.


Contact the Facility

  • Facility contact is 615-862-8066.
Adrian Cartledge

Facility Director

Facility Size and Make-Up

  • Rated capacity is 86 beds, contracted for 32 youth.
  • Both males and females are housed in the facility.
  • Facility serves both pre-adjudicated and adjudicated individuals awaiting trial or transfer to another facility.