• All referrals are from the Department of Children's Services.
  • The average length of stay is 7-9 months.
  • Juveniles admitted to the facility are between the ages of 13-18 years old.
  • All of the youth are assessed and evaluated by a treatment team comprised of Direct Care Staff, Clinical Therapists, Teachers, Nursing Staff as well as a Recreational Specialist.



  • Medical staff includes: one (1) contract Psychiatrist, one (1) Charge RN and an assigned Primary Care Physician in the community.
  • Nursing Staff is available during waking hours.
  • Upon arrival, all youth are screened and after two (2) weeks receive an updated EPSD&T Medical and Dental evaluation if needed.
  • St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett is used for emergency hospital services. Cawthon Clinic (Health Department) is used for medical and dental services, as well as Digmon Dental as a secondary dental service provider. Numerous specialists in the community provide services as needed to the residents.

“This is a place for growth in multiple avenues.."Mr. G.


  • Facility Director oversees all programs at the facility. The facility has a vast array of programs that are divided into four (4) categories:  Counseling, Educational, Clinical and Medical services.
  • The facility has a staff member who volunteers as Chaplain for services if requested by residents.
  • Education Department is staffed by an Education Manager, four (4) full-time regular and/or Special Education Teachers, two (2) contract Special Education Teachers who monitor and oversee IDEA, TDOE and DCS Education compliance. There are also three (3) specialized educational tutors who assist the full-time teachers with electives and specialty courses.
  • There is a full-time Recreational Specialist on staff.
  • The school is approved as a Category 1-SP school as well as a DCS Education In-House School. Students attend school the same number of hours as all public school students, six and a half (6.5) hours per day.  All grades earned are transferable to the student's home school. HiSet preparation courses are also available. 
  • Clinical Department is staffed by a Clinical Director and three (3) full-time Licensed Therapists who work in tandem with the DCS Family Social Worker.
  • The facility has one (1) compliance/quality assurance staff who reports directly to the Facility Director.
  • All departments participate in a bi-weekly treatment team meeting for each resident to review and update the treatment plan developed for each resident.  
  • Directive Therapy is used to modify behavior.
  • Facility is required by contract to maintain a 1:5 staff to resident ratio during waking hours and a 1:8 staff to resident ratio during sleeping hours. The facility has 39 direct care staff and 30 support staff.
  • Medical Department is staffed by an RN (Charge Nurse) and two (2) full-time LPNs who work Monday-Friday during waking hours. Three (3) part-time LPNs work during the waking hours each weekend.
“I like how cozy the environment is. It allows for deep processing and it is easy for staff to learn the residents, and the residents to establish healthy relationships with such mentors. The best part of working here is working with the residents. With every interaction, you learn something new that heightens one’s experience, both professionally and therapeutically ."
-Ms. A.

"This program allows teenage boys to develop multiple tools to deal with the situations that have derailed their lives thus far while also preparing them for future events. As a member of the floor staff, I’m able to directly affect what they learn and take away. I enjoy being a person that these guys can come to for help and teach them the right way to be so that when they leave they don’t end up in places like this again." Mr. H.

“...I have the privilege of helping our residents reach their greatest potential while in our Directive Therapy program. I have learned so much during my tenure here. It is recommended that one should choose a career in which they will be excited each and every day, and I am proud to say, I made the right choice.
I love it here!"  
Mr. G.

Living Areas

  • Facility has two (2) units that house 24 residents each.
  • Each unit has a multi-purpose room available for groups, school, lounges, movies and dining.
  • There are six (6) resident rooms on each unit which house four (4) residents per room.
  • There is an outdoor recreational area with a basketball court.
  • Individuals are provided three (3) hot meals per day and a snack at night. Special and religious diets are provided as necessary.
"I have been employed here for two years. It has been a pleasure and opportunity being able to work with the residents and see them grow and become better individuals. The staff is very professional and genuinely cares about the residents. Everyone works extremely hard to serve in the best interest of the residents. I feel very strongly that we are making a significant impact in the lives of those we serve.” Ms . M.
Patricia (Trish) Taylor
Facility Director

Location of the Facility

  • Facility is located at 3030 Brunswick Road, Bartlett, Tennessee 38133.
  • Facility opened at its current location in 2008.
  • The Residential Treatment Center is operated by Youth Opportunity Investments.

Center for Success & Independence - Memphis:  Providing at-risk youth an opportunity to learn, through Directive Therapy, ways to interact with authority and peers in a pro-social manner as well as develop better coping skills through group, individual and family sessions in order to successfully reintegrate back into the community.











Contact the Facility

  • Facility contact is 901-531-1950.

Facility Size and Make-Up

  • Rated capacity is 48 beds.
  • Male Residential facility.
  • The facility serves adjudicated juveniles with mental health issues.