What We Believe

The responsibility of creating a meaningful future for our children and grandchildren does not belong to one group, one person or one entity. The future is everyone's responsibility! We must protect and advance the rights, hopes, and dreams of the youth in our society.


The time has come for a comprehensive and strategic approach for placing the right youth in the right place for the right reasons. Our goal in part is to build the bridge between youth treatment and compassion, accountability, and public safety.  By addressing causes and not simply the effect, we impact long term outcomes for youth, in the least restrictive setting possible in accordance with their needs.

Youth Opportunity Investments is committed to ensuring that when youth are committed to facilities through adjudication or their families, the time they spend there is meaningful and impactful.  When other interventions have failed, and the decision is made to place youth in the care and custody of a facility, a comprehensive and therapeutic approach is key to ensuring this time has a positive impact on the youth and their future.  Through highly specialized evidence-based programs and quality education, we focus on addressing and treating the root causes of destructive and delinquent behaviors.   

The Power of Public and Private Partnerships


Our team at YOI brings decades of combined public sector and private business experience.  Driven by the mission to bring the most purposeful and effective strategies together as possible, for the most positive outcomes achievable, YOI supports and engages in public and private partnerships that result in long term success for children and families. 


Our cross-functional and whole-life approach addresses every facet of a youth's life, establishing a foundation of physical and emotional health, positive social and family relationships, academic achievement, independence, and self-confidence.  

Youth Opportunity Investments is dedicated to providing innovative and quality programming within secure and non-secure residential treatment facilities for youth. With experienced staff and nationally recognized leadership, and a sole focus on juvenile services, YOI dedicates every possible resource to the youth in our owned and managed facilities.